Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Week 10

Dear Embreu,

I came to the realization this week, that there is no one that I'd rather having helping me through this time than your Daddy. Its not that I hadn't really decided that BEFORE we decided to have you. Its just that now that you are on your way, I have seen a change in your Daddy that has taken me by surprise. But really, if you could see the way he spoils the cats, you would think I was silly for being surprised by him.

When we first found out about you, Daddy kept his distance a bit. Even when we were laying like spoons, Daddy was careful to keep his arm away from Mommy's belly. It seemed that he was so worried about hurting you, he would sleep in uncomfortable positions. It was really quite sweet. It took Daddy a few days to even touch the belly.

Daddy got over that. Now, its all I can do to KEEP him from touching the belly. Now that you have started to pooch out a bit, I get all the belly rubbing I can handle.

Daddy seems to so enjoy being close to us, that almost every evening is spent like spoons on the sofa watching TV. I pointed out the other night, that in a few more months the three of us were going to be more than our poor sofa could handle. But Daddy isn't one to be deterred. He had already developed an ingenious plan, so that no matter how big Mommy gets, we can still lay like spoons on the sofa and watch TV. It is times like this that I know with all my heart I married the right man.

And then there is Daddy's willingness to cater to every food whim you and I can conjure. Banana split? Let's go to Dairy Queen. Hummus? Let's track down all the ingredients, no matter how many grocery stores we have to visit. It seems like Daddy is just willing to oblige. Which is so wonderful. And is also the reason I try very hard not to be mean or complain too much to Daddy. He does enough to take care of us, he doesn't need all that.

So, Embreu, I guess the lesson of this entry is that you are one lucky little baby. Daddy is already taking care of you so wonderfully, and he will be a pro at it by the time you get here. So you just have nothing to worry about. . .

No pressure, little one, but we will be seeing you the day after tomorrow. I expect to see arms AND legs, and a distinct lack of tail. But no pressure. . .


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