Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Week 12

My dear Embreu,

Well, tomorrow marks the start of Week 13. Which means, little one, you and I have made it successfully through the dreaded first trimester! You are now officially a fetus. Which is a name I think you keep until Daddy and I see you sometime in April. We check our book each week to see the drawings of what you look like - it is hard for me to believe that in a short 12 weeks you already have arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Its no wonder Mommy is tired all the time, with all that growing you're doing.

This past week marked Mommy and Daddy's first anniversary. Well, technically our 12th, but you know how that goes. I can remember with such detail the day your Daddy asked me out on our first date. We were in Senior Hall at school, at the very end of the day. I'm not sure why we were both there so late - basketball and something or another. We were the only two in the hall. I think we had been talking, and Daddy picked up his pace to leave. He turned back to me as if it was an afterthought, and asked, "Do you want to go to the dance with me?" And that, was pretty much that.

Daddy will probably remember that episode differently. But that half turn back to me is a movement that will be etched in my memory until senility decides to take it away. The night before the dance, October 8, was the bonfire and pep rally at the park. Your Daddy and I went together, and as we walked from the car to the party, he grabbed my hand as we crossed over a ditch. And that's where it stayed for most of the night. At barely 17, this was quite a thrill for young Mommy. Not only were we HOLDING HANDS, but we were doing so in public, in the presence of our peers.

I find it odd that after 12 years together, going back to those moments still makes me feel like I did when I was 17.

Well, I think that's enough of a trip down Mommy's memory lane. This past week has been pretty good. Mommy is still feeling quite good, at least good enough to be spending 11 hours a day at work. I think the naps at my desk over lunch help out. Daddy has been planning out all the projects to finish around the house before you arrive. Now that the weather is nice, there are all sorts of things that can be done. And Daddy is intent on getting ALL of that work done before April. I'm thinking he's going to need a little help, but he is awfully determined.

Keep growing, little one. Daddy is already fascinated with Mommy's little poochy belly - the bigger you get, the more amazed he is. ;-)


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