Friday, June 6, 2008

Shoop Shoop

My gorgeous nephew and his parents have been visiting this week. He is an amazingly sweet baby, but I am surprised at how different he feels in my arms. Seems my arms were meant to hold my babies.

Every night Ainsley's bedtime ritual begins with, "Time to kiss everyone." She then proceeds through the house offering kisses to whomever may be around. For the grown-ups in the house, she manages a decent pucker for her kiss.

The babies, however, get an entirely different smooch.

When its time to kiss Lucas and Amelia, they each get a good wet lick on the tops of their heads.

I don't know why its developed, but this is apparently the best way to kiss a baby.

And let's face it. Babies taste gooood.


Mocha said...

I loves me some good juicy baby. Can I borrow one of yours, please?


Sugar said...

Mmmm... babies!

Okay, I saw your hair question/plea over at Mocha's. I have waves and my baby girl has curls. We use TiGi's CURLS ROCK line. It's not cheap, but the girl with the curls never frizzes. One tip: wrap towel dried hair up in a bun over night... you'll love the CR ringlets in the morning.

Anonymous said...

You are totally right - other babies are nice to hold, but mine do fit better in my arms :)