Sunday, September 27, 2009


Forgive me, Cosmo, for I have sinned. It has been 21 months since my last haircut.

I've come to the realization that I have had the same two haircuts for 29 years. The last time I had anything different done was when we were leaving Hawaii. I was four.

The surprisingly consistent cycle has been let hair grow out until I can't stand it anymore, chop it all off into a shoulder or chin-length bob, and let it grow out again.

The only thing good that can be said about this everlasting system of mine is that there are probably quite a few cancer kids* running around with wigs of my hair. It takes a while for me to get to the I'm-going-to-chop-it-all-off stage, and I usually have a lengthy pony tail to send in to Locks of Love.

As a birthday gift last week, my mom and sisters got me a gift card to a local salon. I had decided that at age 33, it was probably time for me to get a "grown up" haircut.

So away to the salon I went. I was shampooed, options were discussed, and snip snip snip - 40 minutes later I'd been introduced to something called "layers" and hair that has a "shape." Who knew?

I was given something called the "Victoria's Secret Haircut." I don't know hair well, but let's just say that I got to keep some of the length, and I now look super polished. And while I love it, it hasn't made me want to walk a runway in my underwear and heels, and I don't look anything like Heidi Klum. So, you know, bummed about that.

We had a lengthy discussion about color at the salon. I've been on that verge of plucking vs. dyeing the grey lately. I've just a few stray greys** here and there - nothing that tweezers can't handle. But, I'm on that line. So I think I'll be going back in a few weeks to get the color done.

I'm afraid I've unleashed a hair monster...

*On a side note, is it gauche to call them cancer kids? Something I've picked up from Jason that he says to be funny. Although, when he says it, he's always referring to Caillou - that whiny bald Canadian kid on PBS.

**And really, why is it that grey hair looks so great on men? Jason has the most awesome salt-and-pepper thing going on. Totally hot, but not a look many women can pull off. Add that to the list of why its easier to be a man.

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