Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Writing for Preschoolers


Ainsley's preschool class has this great year-long project. Every few weeks, parent volunteers come into the classroom first thing in the morning, and the kids dictate stories to the parents. They are given complete control over their stories - they can tell a story about anything.

The parents write the stories, then other volunteers type them up. At the end of the year, Ainsley will come home with an entire binder of her creative writing. According to her teacher, the first few will be short, but as the year progresses, the kids will tell longer and more involved stories.

What follows is Ainsley's first entry:

My story is about loving my sister. Her name is Amelia, and I like to hug and kiss her. She wears a pink tank top. She is really cute. She also plays with me. We play tag together. Amelia always wins. And sometimes I win, and sometimes she wins.

So yeah. That's awesome.

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