Monday, September 12, 2005

Week 8

My darling Embreu,

Oh how I hope that these first 8 weeks are any indication of what is to come, whether it be the next 8 months or the next 18 years. While I am still tired all the time, I seem to have escaped the dreaded morning sickness thus far. I have had some momentary nausea, but nothing terrible. I do hope that this is a sign of what's to come over the next 8 months. Please, feel free to keep being so easy on Mommy.

We are FINALLY going home to Mascoutah this weekend. It has been so difficult keeping this big secret from the family, and it will be such a relief to finally be able to tell everyone. I think I will begin to feel much more pregnant once that is done. For now, since we aren't really telling anyone and since I don't have any horrible symptoms, it has been somewhat easy to forget about you from time to time. While this does make me feel guilty at times, I have read that it is perfectly normal. So at least I am not the only pregnant woman who forgets she's pregnant.

Daddy and I learned one important lesson this weekend. It is best to not let the pregnant Mommy go grocery shopping by herself. Instead of bringing home the celery, chicken stock, and canned biscuits required for a tasty dinner of chicken and dumplings, Mommy came home with ice cream, pudding, and corn dogs. All of those things sounded perfectly sane to me at the time, but poor Daddy looked at me like I was off my rocker. And to think, this is only week 8!

The other milestone this past week was actual weight gain! At least, according to the scale at home, which seems to not be anywhere close to the scale at Dr. Sandifer's office. 2 whole pounds were gained since our last doctor's visit. At that point, I had actually lost a half a pound, so I guess that puts you at plus 1.5. Well done, Embreu!

Well, little one, it about time for Mommy to head home for the night. Keep up all your hard work in there - and Daddy and I will see you on the 29th.


P.S. I would like to offer up a sincere apology to Embrue's Aunt Sarah, Aunt Beth, and Grandma Jeffries. It has been killing me all month not being able to tell you three. But it just didn't seem right to deliver such news over the phone. I hope you understand. . .

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