Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Week 9

Dear Embreu,

If only you could have seen the rejoicing and crying that went on this weekend. As hard as it was to keep you a secret, waiting to tell everyone in person was absolutely worth every minute.

We started the weekend off with a Jeffries' dinner on Friday night. We met Grandma and Grandpa Jeffries, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Beth and Uncle Travis, and Great-Grandma Jeffries out for dinner. Uncle Andy was hard at work, so he couldn't make it. We had wrapped up t-shirts that said "Grandma" and "Grandpa" on them, and passed them over to be opened up. The scream that your Grandma let out was outstanding - when it finally hit her what we were saying. Grandpa looked to be in shock just a bit, but got over it quickly. I guess that was a sign we had kept a very good secret! Although, Aunt Sarah (who has a sense about these things) swears she knew it was coming.

On Saturday morning, we met the Hanes' for breakfast. It was so nice to get everyone in one spot! For your Grandma and Grandpa, we put together a photo album of our new house. They have not had the chance to see it just yet. Stuck in the middle of the photos, was a picture of Mommy's belly with the caption "Baby's Room" written underneath. Grandma and Grandpa blew right by the photo. It took them a minute to realize what we were saying. Grandpa Hanes must have said "wow" 12 times! He was completely shocked. Grandma Hanes burst into tears, and proclaimed you the cutest baby in the family. So I guess you have a lot to live up to!

Finally, on Sunday it was time for the Funk Anniversary Party. Your great-grandparents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. We had all gathered for a family dinner, and it was time to open cards and presents. I passed a gift bag to your Great-Grandma Funk, and told her that she had to hang onto the gift, because it was something we would need at her house next summer when we come to visit. She opened the brightly-colored sippy-cup, and knew immediately what was going on. She's a smart old broad, that one. Your Great-Grandpa Funk cried a little bit - and that was perhaps the only time in my life I have ever seen that strong man cry. It was just wonderful.

So, the word is out. This whole pregnancy thing is starting to feel that much more real. We even received our first bit of baby clothes from your Aunt Sarah and Uncle Andy. So now the pressure is really on. Its up to you to stay healthy and keep growing.

Its funny, I am slowly beginning to understand what it means to financially support your family. Since Daddy is going to stay home with you, it is up to Mommy to keep working. These past few weeks, whenever there has been a bump in the road at work, I really start to panic. I am sure that the panic will ease a bit as time passes, but for now I am in full-on freak-out mode. I just have to believe that if I work hard and do my best, things are going to work out as the good Lord intends. No matter what that outcome may be. And I have to keep in my head that you will be taken care of, no matter what.


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