Monday, November 28, 2005

Week 19

Dear Embreu,

Well, today was a big day. I know that it was just another day inside of your warm and somewhat cramped womb, but for myself and Mommy it was huge....very important.

Yes, we were going to our doctor to see you. And that is always big, especially since we had not seen you in some time. And yes, it was big because we were thankfully going to find you very, very healthy. Yet again, you didn't disappoint on that front as evidenced when Captain Gyno enters the room saying,"Now that's an ultrasound!!" It was also a big day because we found out another reason why Mommy's the best (we never forget that)... because she is carrying you so beautifully.

But the reason today was not just another big day at the doctor's office. The reason that made today huge was that myself, your Mommy, and some nurse whose name that I didn't even know... today was the day... that we... we were going to look at your genitals. That's right, after much searching (you're going to be a great hide and seek player if today was any indication), today we found out what gender you are.

At first, I was in a bit of shock. I had predicted your gender correctly from the start. But I had started to buy into the hype of those around me. Anyone with an opinion on these things, including the good Captain, was telling me the opposite of my original guess. But during the ultrasound, with what we found, or perhaps it was what we didn't find, proved nearly everyone wrong. In that moment I found out that I was going to have a daughter.

And somehow everything felt different. Suddenly, I no longer felt like AN expectant father, A dad, or A daddy. No, I felt like 'Daddy' for the first time. Let me tell you, little one, it was one of the greatest feelings of my life to feel that way. If I feel this way now, I cannot even comprehend how it is going to feel when you emerge from your, at that point, overly-cramped womb this Spring. I do know this, however. I absolutely cannot wait to find out.


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