Saturday, November 19, 2005

Week 18

Dear Embreu,

Ok, Ensign Squirmy, I get it. You're in there. You have MADE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN. For the past week and a half you have been remarkably mobile. I certainly expected to feel something, but I just don't think I expected you to be this active.

Daddy is still waiting to feel you for himself, which I think is another week or so away. While I can feel you clearly (and thank you for that kick to the bladder - I am sure I have many more to come), there seems to be a bit too much cushioning yet for Daddy to feel. Although, that hasn't stopped him from trying.

Mommy has firmly moved into maternity clothes. It seems like it was almost overnight where shirts that were baggy on me, are now quite snug. Of course, pants are still baggy in the rear (thank you very much), but moving to a smaller size in maternity pants seems to help. However, the belly. . . well, the belly it cannot be contained.

This week we travel home to St. Louis for Thanksgiving. I had hoped you would be at least a little visible by then, and so you are.

This time of year is my favorite. I love Christmas decorations, crisp weather, and turkey. And the thought hit me today, that this is our last Christmas without you. What an odd thought that is. . . Next year will be entirely different with you around for your very first Christmas. I know you won't remember it, but we sure will.

Next year means an extra person on the Christmas list. More organized travel plans. A new face on the annual holiday card. The family more excited to see you than Mommy or Daddy. It is going to be wonderful.


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