Monday, February 6, 2006

Week 29

My dear little girl,

11 weeks to go, and counting! It is hard to believe you are going to be here so soon. It seems like we still have so much yet to do. . .

According to WebMD, you will be ready to go as early as March 29, which is Grandma Jeffries' birthday. And while I'm sure she would be thrilled with you as a birthday surprise, we really don't need any more March birthdays in the family. In fact, I think you may end up being the first April baby in the family.

We have made some progress on getting things ready out here for you. The nusery is really coming along nicely. Grandma and Grandpa Jeffries were down here this past weekend, and put your crib together. I am still trying to get my mind around the idea that the next time I see MY mommy, I'll be YOUR mommy. In so many ways, all your grandparents seem far too young to be grandparents. Even though I know most of their friends already are, they still seem so young. But then, part of me thinks Daddy and myself are too young for you just yet as well. Of course, we'll both be turning 30 this year, so we aren't all THAT young.

The weekend before last, Daddy and I took a tour of the Labor and Delivery floor of the hospital. We were very pleased with the setup - everything seemed so nice and new. Even though Pierremont is a bit further for us, I am glad we will be having you there. I think we've got all the insurance in order - all that's really left on THAT front is to find you a pediatrician.

The weekend after next will be a class on Childbirth Preparation. Doesn't THAT sound like a good time? While Daddy can't wait for you to get here, I think he would have us skip the whole "delivery" part if we could. Not that I blame him - I'd skip the whole thing too, if that were the choice.

You are still spending most of your time on your side, which has me a little concerned. There are certainly times when you are facing the right direction, and I get some solid kicks in the ribs. However, most of the time you feel like you're leaning left or right, kicking my sides. You are now so strong, you kick and make my entire torso shift, which can be quite amusing. When this happens in meetings at work, I am always concerned everyone is looking at the amazing bouncing belly. Anyway, the good Captain said that it was not concerning that you were laying sideways - eventually you'll run out of room to turn over like that. But we'll see. Daddy never turned the right way, and as your genetics are half his, I am keeping the idea in the back of my head, just in case.

Well sweetpea, I think next time we'll have to hear from Daddy. We go to the doctor again this week for a check up - we'll see what Daddy has to say after that.


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