Saturday, April 15, 2006

Birth Story - Ainsley

We met with Captain Gyno on Thursday, April 13th. After a quick exam, the good captain told us that we had still made absolutely no progress. He also told us that my pelvic bone was in the way, and that there was just no way a 9 lbs (or 7 lbs, for that matter!) baby was going to fit through the space I had available. I think this is something called CPD - baby's head is too big for Mommy's pelvis. The captain told us he wanted us in for a c-section as soon as possible. However, with it being Easter weekend, it was going to be tough gathering together the "A-Team" (as he called it) sooner than Monday. So we got scheduled for Monday morning, April 17th, at 10AM.

I was foolish enough to make dinner reservations for Saturday night - last weekend without child and all. . .

Labor started about lunch time on Good Friday, April 14th. Things started out slow enough, but the timing remained completely sporadic. We never really got into any pattern.

We made a trip to Walmart for some general errands, and things started to get worse - the contractions were causing me to stop in my tracks. Still, nothing I couldn't handle. And still, not pattern of any sort.

The contractions started to get closer together as the evening progressed. The lovely girls from work brought us dinner, and we ate - this is apparently not what you're supposed to do when you're in labor. I guess I forgot that rule.

We started timing the contractions late that evening, and while they were still coming sporadically, they were getting closer together. We left for the hospital, calmly, at about 10:30PM.

The movement of the car relaxed me, and the contractions started to get further apart, again. We were both worried we were heading all the way to the hospital for no reason.

We got to the hospital at about 11PM. I think we were the only people in the labor and delivery unit - the place seemed deserted. We were admitted, and got settled into our room. The nurse came in and asked, "What makes you think you're in labor?" I got the impression she just didn't believe me. Although, perhaps most of the women she sees are groaning and moaning.

I got hooked up to all the monitors, and the nurse came in to check on us. We were already almost to 3 cm dialated. She called the good captain, and he didn't believe her! He again seemed concerned about performing a c-section without his "A-Team" and told us he wanted us to wait through the night.

And then I got a dose of Demerol. Sweet, sweet, Demerol.

The contractions weren't bad, but the captain wanted to make sure we were actually in active labor before proceeding (I also think he wanted us comfortable for the overnight wait). I was able to watch the contractions on the screen - I could still feel them, but there was just no pain. And no coherence, either. I was talking some serious jibberish. The odd part, was that I knew as I was saying things that they were making no sense. I just said them, anyway.

We slept for a while. The c-section was scheduled for 7:30 the next morning, so we had plenty of time to rest up.

The captain got to our room right at 7:30. We waited for his partner (Corporal Gyno?) until 7:45. Jason was given scrubs, a hat, and mask to put on. I was rolled into the operating room, which was FREEZING. The nice lady doctor administered my spinal - and what a weird feeling THAT is. It took no time to take effect, and while I was completely awake, I couldn't feel a thing from the waist down.

Jason came in then, and things got started. I could feel a lot of pulling and tugging, and could certainly hear what was going on. It was surreal - there were 3 doctors, and at least that many nurses in the room - all having ordinary conversations while I'm being cut open. I think they talked about hunting or some such nonsense.

Lots more tugging and pulling. A weird suction sound. And then one big pull, and I felt this odd emptiness. I could breath easier, and I felt a bit hollow. Then I heard her.

The doctors had Jason stand up and take pictures - I was surprised, I was sure they would want to keep him back behind the curtain. I was certain he'd WANT to stay back behind the curtain. But he didn't.

The first words from the Captain were, "Look at the thighs on that baby." She was very well built - sturdy and strong right from the start.

They took her over to the warmer to get cleaned up. She had quite a bit of fluid in her lungs, and was struggling against the suction tube. Jason said after that she was even able to grab the tube, and pull it out of her mouth. I could only see bits from where I was - but I could certainly hear her crying.

Next came the weigh-in. 8 lbs. 3 oz. Smaller than the ultrasound had shown - but still a big baby.

Jason stayed with her the entire time she was with the nurses. I was still being tugged on.

They finally got her wrapped up, and Jason carried her over to me. She was just beautiful. It was a face that was so familiar, and so new all at the same time. It was in that moment - the three of us together for the first time, that I realized that we were a family.

Jason took her then out to the nursery. She was still having some trouble breathing, and needed to be looked after under the baby warmer. They finished cleaning me up, and I was rolled into recovery, where I slept such a deep sleep. Jason came by to check on me, and I reminded him of all the people he needed to call.

After a couple hours in recovery, we were moved down to the postnatal unit. We were right across the hall from the nursery, but I was still unable to see her. She was still under observation, and I was in no condition to get up and go to her. Jason was given the run of the nursery, and took a ton of pictures. He came back to check on me repeatedly, and to show me all the photos of our little girl.

Finally, at 5PM that evening they brought her to me. The most precious baby you will ever lay eyes on - there in my arms. Finally.

She took to nursing right away, and we were able to cuddle for a long time.

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