Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Week 39

Dear Little Girl,

Well, you managed to turn the right way at the last minute. There was a gigantic flip ON THE WAY TO THE DOCTOR two weeks ago, and sure enough, your little fanny was facing up. You are still growing like crazy in there - Daddy and I were able to count 5 little fingers on one hand, and 5 little toes on one foot. We assume that you have a matching pair to both. The surprising news at the ultrasound was that they estimated your weight at 7 lbs. 11 oz. That's amazingly close to 8 (EIGHT) lbs., with another 2 weeks to go. If you end up being a 10 lb. baby, I don't think I will ever let Daddy forget it.

Shortly after that visit with the doctor, the girls at work threw us an amazing baby shower. We hauled home 480 diapers, and something around 5000 wipes. It was really a great shower - good food, good people, and no silly games.

We went to see the good Captain again this past Monday (April 10). And while you are still facing the right direction, and dropping down a smidge, we really haven't made any progress in any other area. It seems like you are perfectly content to stay in there. The Captain seems a bit concerned about how big you are getting. Apparently, Mommy's wide hips won't necessarily translate into a wide birth canal. Doesn't that just figure? Anyway, the minute we start to show any progress with you, we'll be in the hospital. And Captain Gyno told us that he won't let us go past your due date - which means no matter what, you'll be here a week from today.

I am surprisingly calm about the whole thing right now. I am sure that when its time to go, I'll be a nervous wreck. But for now, I'm pretty relaxed and groovey. I am truly ready for you to be here already - seems like each day that goes by means one more joint or muscle sore and achy. Plus, your room at home seems awfully quiet right now. Too quiet. And the cats are entirely too comfortable in the rockers. I think its time we shake things up a bit in there.

One more note about these last few weeks. . . Your Daddy is perhaps the very best caregiver Mommy could ever imagine. When I get home from work, I sit with my feet up. Daddy cooks dinner, brings me cold things to drink, and generally takes care of all my little needs (even helps me up off the sofa for the millionth bathroom run of the day). Daddy lets me take up 80% of the bed at night so that I can be comfortable, and he's gotten terribly good at rubbing those sore muscles. I have known for a very long time how wonderful your Daddy is, but the last few weeks have been especially wonderful. I don't think you or I would have made it this far without him.

So, we'll see you tomorrow - one more ultrasound to see how much bigger you've gotten. Maybe its time you take a break from all this growing? Just relax and rest up for that whole delivery thing???


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