Thursday, January 4, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

Dear Peanut,

Well, my dear sweet waterbug, we managed to survive your first Christmas.

I had just enough vacation leftover this year to take off the few extra days between Christmas and New Year's. This long break enabled us to drive home to Mascoutah, instead of braving the treacherous world of modern air travel. We split the drive into two days, thinking that 10 hours straight in the car would be too much for you.

The Friday before Christmas, we left after I got off work. We drove well into the night - you travel long distances better in the dark, we found. We made it all the way to Blytheville, AR that first night, which was well over halfway. We stopped for the night a the only hotel in town with an indoor pool. We planned to tire you out with your first pool visit before finishing the drive on Saturday.

In our almost-9-months together, I have never seen you so absolutely thrilled. There was squealing, kicking, splashing, and even some dunking. We had found you a great baby-float the week before, and it allowed you to be somewhat on your own in the water. You were drunk with the freedom.

You played in the pool for an eternity. Splashing half-heartedly as we dragged you, exhausted, from the water. Back in the hotel room, you promptly went to sleep the minute your head hit the bed. It was fabulous.

Mommy and Daddy are not terribly fond of swimming pools. We were as kids, but just not as adults. Until now. Watching the sheer joy on your face made me fully understand why parents take their kids to the Wiggles, Monster Truck, whatever. I never understood how parents could stomach such atrocities. Seeing you love something like that, made me love it as well.

The week home with the family was wonderful. Mommy and Daddy got a number of free evenings, and you were played with constantly. In fact, you have been quite difficult since we got home. I think that you spent last week being so thoroughly entertained, that the idea of Daddy leaving you to play by yourself so that he can cook dinner is simply infuriating. Why isn't there some Aunt or Grandma to keep you company?

You did so well on Christmas - tearing open presents, eating the wrapping paper, moving from lap to lap. I know we still have a couple years before you will truly "get" Christmas, but we still had so much fun watching you.

In addition to the separation anxiety that has popped up this week, you appear to be getting some more teeth. Two on top, and two more on bottom - although, its hard to tell since you won't really let me get close enough to examine.

While your Aunt Sarah and Uncle Andy are pros at selecting the most-favored-gift for kids, Mommy won the prize this year. Your Little People Farm - complete with animals, farmer, and sounds. I think Great-Grandpa Funk was especially touched to see that you favored the pig most of all.

We took you to Our Lady of the Snows after Christmas to see the lights and festivities. We broke out the front-carrier (something we had not used in ages), and found that next to swimming, being in the front carrier is the most fun ever. We strapped you to Daddy's belly and explored the Christmas tree display and children's area. Poor Daddy was kicked incessantly during the outing - you were just so excited to be vertical and at eye-level with others.

Things I have learned from you this week:

  1. Cottage cheese? Yes, please.
  2. Crawling isn't crawling unless there are people and/or things to crawl OVER.
  3. Cookie Monster uses exceptionally poor grammar (not learned from you, but still.).
  4. The song that cheers you up the most? "We're Not Going to Take It" by Twisted Sister. That's my girl.

So thus far you have made swimming better, Christmas better, and petting zoos better. That's not a bad way to start the year, I'd say.

You have been a little off this week, with a touch of a cold. This has made your particularly snuggly, which I am absolutely loving. I am sad that you are feeling bad, but I love that you will stop for minutes on end to snuggle with me. So, yay mild head colds!


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