Monday, April 28, 2008

The Namer of Animals

While I nurse Amelia elsewhere earlier in the day, I always nurse her in the rocker in her room at bedtime. Ainsley likes to be with us, and she will either sit on the glider-ottoman and help rock ("Rock Amelia. We're rockin'."), or play with Amelia's toys. Playing with the toys consists of dragging the basket into the middle of the room, and up-ending the entire thing, spilling the toys everywhere.

For the last few evenings, we've made a game out of picking up the toys. Ainsley will drop them one and two at a time into the basket, and we count each toy (52). She seems to enjoy this a great deal, and will even tell me the next number if I'm too slow in saying it. She surprised us last night with "forty-three."

Last night she picked up a toy to carry it to the basket. She stopped with her back to me - I could not see what she held in her hand. She proclaimed it a "Duckbunny." She likes to give things a name. 

"Duckbunny," she says again. I ask her, "Ainsley, will you show me what you have?"

She turns to show me what will forever be known as the Duckbunny - a small stuffed duckling with bunny ears she got in her Easter basket the year before last.

I ask you, have you ever heard of such keen logic? Of COURSE its a Duckbunny. There is no other possible answer.

She then proceeded to carry the Duckbunny to the toy basket, alternating "Quack, quack, quack" with "Hop, hop, hop."

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