Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nursing Education

Ainsley seems interested in all things nursing related. She likes to sit right next to us (if she can) while Amelia is eating. She seems to understand the process, in general, and likes to give a running commentary:

"Amelia is hungry. Amelia is eating. Amelia is eating milk. Amelia is not done eating. Amelia is still hungry. Tickle feet!"

Any mention of milk seems to devolve into "Moo says the cow," but she's come up with two statements all on her own in regards to nursing babies.

Whenever Amelia is fussing and ready to eat, we get into our nursing position (whether in the rocker, on the sofa, or at the dinner table - she seems to love to eat dinner with us most nights).

Ainsley immediately launches into, "Time to take the boobs off."

I think she's confusing off and out - but I'll be darned if I know where she got this little gem. She loves to announce when its "Time to take the boobs off." Certainly not something I've said, and I've not heard Jason say.

After Amelia is done, and I'm burping her on my shoulder, Ainsley likes to help "pat." So she'll sit and pat Amelia's back, telling me that she's helping to, "Make Amelia feel better."

Then, she'll look down at my still-open shirt, and inform me that its, "Time to put the boobs away."

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