Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On Sunday we took Jason out for brunch to celebrate Father's Day.

The spot we picked was a nice Italian place, and someplace we had not yet tried. The food was amazing, and service superb. The brunch menu included all-you-can-drink Bellini's. Glasses were barely half-full and the wait staff was there with Champagne and peach puree. It was great.

What made the morning especially great was our immensely well-behaved two year old. Ainsley was an incredible pleasure throughout the meal. I think the warm bread helped - she was able to get something on her belly while we waited for the "real" food. But she laughed and entertained, and even used the potty like a big girl. She also ate like a champ - tortellini with peas and ham. Daddy even convinced her to try some of his carpaccio, and the prosciutto was a huge hit. But the best new taste? Lemon gellato.

I know so many parents who don't take their kids out to restaurants, especially nice restaurants. And then, when they decide to finally eat out, they don't understand why their kids are so poorly behaved. Our theory is that the more you go, the more they get used to what's expected of them.

Amelia handled herself beautifully as well - people-watching quietly through most of the meal. She did decide she wanted to eat at one point (seems she always likes to eat when the rest of the family does). And, I have to admit, I get a secret thrill at breastfeeding in "nice" places. The fancier, the better. We are always discretely covered (yay, Hooter Hiders!), but I did enjoy the dirty looks from the high-falutin' older ladies enjoying their eggs benedict. And while I did retreat to public restrooms a number of times with Ainsley, I absolutely refuse with Amelia.


Scott said...

And why should you have to hide? No one seems to think it is uncouth for the rest of the people in the restaurant to be eating "out in plain sight"!

Sugar said...

Okay first... LOVE me some bellinis!

And I am cracking up at the thought of some wrinkly nosed old women looking at you while your just trying to feed the kid.

As for taking kids out to eat, I commend you. You are right. So many people refuse to do it regularly and then they have a wedding or family party and it's all over! Train the kids on EVERYTHING... including the finer things.

Sounds like you had a great Father's Day with your wonderful little family. Did Skippyjon Jones get to go, too?

Anonymous said...

I take The Dictator out for "training" once a week. Usually it is just for breakfast (Like IKEA 1$ breakfast or Humptys) or lunch. The whole point? So he will practice sitting still for that whole time.

We have friends who don't understand how I take him out ON MY OWN (because my goodness how do you control him alone???) and I always tell then they should have started young with their two kids - maybe they wouldn't be spending evenings dining in McDonalds Playland.....

He is getting so good at dining out now and he is barely two.