Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Three Times a Lady

Amelia hit the 3-month mark last week, and is finally coming out of her shell bit by bit. First, the stats. She's now 23" tall (50th percentile), and weighs 13 lbs. 4 oz. (60th percentile).

And, following in her sister's steps, her head is 16" (75th percentile).

She is still my roly poly baby, and is growing nicely. Her chin is still huge, and I even managed to catch it in her car seat the other day (poor thing!).

Amelia's temperament is so much more serious than Ainsley's ever was. She is exceptionally observant, and takes everything in with her quiet, wide eyes. She seems to reserve her grins and coos for me, and we tend to have lengthy conversations once I am home from work in the evening. Jason says she is never more animated than she is with me, but I wonder if he doesn't say that to make me feel good.

Amelia shows some genuine interest in her big sister, although she seems to eye her cautiously. The ever-rambunctious Ainsley is often a human projectile, and her movements are unpredictable. Amelia is quite the cuddler, and seems to enjoy it when we are all sitting still reading books. Although, those moments never last for long.

On the nights we have a family dance party in the kitchen, Amelia prefers the slow dances.

We've all be suffering from a head cold for the last week or so, making our house quite the snot factory. Amelia is such a tough girl - handling the saline drops in her nose like they're nothing.

Now, if only we could get her set on a regular bed time...

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