Monday, July 21, 2008

Love Bites

Last weekend we introduced Ainsley to freezer pops. Love at first bite, to say the least. She already had a fondness for ice cubes - but add in a little fruit flavoring and some sugar, and its a perfect treat.

Last night Jason pulled out a blue pop. He cut it in half, and handed it over to her. I said, "I wonder what flavor that is. Blue raspberry?"

Ainsley takes a bite, looks at it thoughtfully, and proclaims, "That's blue cherry!"

I give Jason a look as if to say, "Ha. What are the odds?"

Then he takes a bite of her pop. Sure enough - BLUE CHERRY.

That is one impressive palate on that girl. Last weekend she was downing two bowls of miso soup at the sushi place, and this weekend she's deciphering freezer pop flavors.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I could get the Dictator to eat Miso soup. Blue Cherry freezies though? Not a problem.

Anonymous said...

I guess Freezies is Canadian for Freezer pops.

Not only does our money look funny - we talk funny too and have good candy. But not Red Vines, proper orange TicTacs or Andes chocolates (other then Christmas)

Boo hiss

ofifteen said...

soo cute!

'designing your life'