Friday, June 27, 2008

1 is the Loneliest Number

Ainsley has had a bit of a mental block with the potty training. She's had the peeing on the potty down for weeks now. But anything else? Not so much.

We have encouraged her to poop every time she's in the bathroom. "Time to Poop!" I have even developed my own little "poop, poop, poop" dance and song.

She gets 1 piece of candy (either an M&M or Reeses Pieces) every time she successfully pees on the potty. We've been trying to bribe her to poop by offering 5 pieces of candy. I don't think this concept really sank in.

Until last night.

On purpose or by happenstance, Ainsley managed one tiny little poop on the potty last night. After talking with Daddy about all the places you don't poop: on the floor, in your panties, on the chair, on the booster seat, on Mommy, on Amelia, she managed one speck of poop. Oh the celebration! We shouted, clapped, and made a big deal of counting out 1-2-3-4-5 Reeses Pieces.

And then the light bulb went on.

Not 10 minutes later, she was on the potty again for another miniscule poop. And now it was time to, "Count the Reeses Pieces!"

I could see her thinking it over. "The 5 pieces of candy earlier weren't just a fluke. If I POOP I get LOTS OF CANDY!" And that opened the floodgates (poopgates?).

Another 10 minutes, and Mommy (the lucky parent of the night), was rewarded with a grown-up size poop. IN. THE. POTTY.

Jason had stepped outside, and I regret flushing that bad boy away before he had the chance to admire.

I am anxious to hear if she is able to keep it going today.

But last night? You couldn't have found two more proud parents.

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Sugar said...

I remember the excitement at seeing your child's poop in the actual potty. Woo Hoo!!

I finished potty training my fourth child a couple of years ago. You can not imagine the relief that this was the last time I was going to have to go through this .... and then I was sad...