Monday, August 3, 2009

Take a Letter Maria

On our way home from Illinois, we spent much time explaining to Ainsley all the states we needed to drive through, where we were, what came next, etc. Keeping her occupied while we drove "through the whole state of Arkansas" got to be a challenge. Until we hit Jonesboro...

Ainsley: Why are you laughing?

Daddy: The sign used to say "Arkansas State University." Someone took the A and the R, and now it says "Kansas State University."

A: Why did they take the A and the R?

D: Someone thought it was funny. They were having a joke.

A: Oh, Daddy. (laughing) That is a funny joke!

(we drive past a Dollar Store)

A: Mommy! I found the A and the R!

M: That's great, honey! They can fix the sign!

A: Yeah! What letter comes next?

M: Well, a K. Let's look for a K!

We then proceed to keep her occupied for a good hour in the car, hunting for all the letters to spell Arkansas. We get to the second S, and celebrate being done.

A: Mommy, now we can get to Louisiana! We made it all the way through Arkansas!

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