Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walk This Way

Amelia has taken her sweet time when it comes to walking. The girl can talk circles around most babies her age, but the walking thing? She's just not interested.

About four months ago, her pediatrician recommended that we take her to some physical therapy to get her "caught up." Once there, the therapist noticed that one leg is a bit longer than the other. This caused her to walk with her feet pointed outward, one more than the other, compensating for the difference in length.

Two weeks ago, the therapist declared her "caught up." While she was walking well with good balance, she has stubbornly refused to take much more than a step or two on her own.

This past weekend, after spending some time with her cousin Lucas (a month younger than Amelia, and practically running circles around her), it seemed that some peer pressure was just what the doctor ordered. The minute we put her in her stroller at the zoo she was insisting, "Out. Walk." Still holding tightly to one finger, but she was walking everywhere.

And last night we had the breakthrough for which we've been waiting patiently. Amelia and I stood face to face in the sunroom (our only carpeted room). Waiting until she was balanced well on her own, I pulled my finger away and started walking backwards across the room. Darned if she didn't toddle her little legs right after me. We must have crossed the room 30 times last night. Ainsley decided she wanted to get in on the act, so she took a spot about 10 feet in front of Amelia, and held out her arms. Amelia high-stepped it over to "Ain-see," her arms held wide, calling out her name. She would reach her sister, launch herself around Ainsley's middle, and they would both hit the ground giggling.

Later, we were standing by the bookshelf. She spots the TV remote across the room on the couch. "Ma-mote! Ma-mote!" I looked down at her, "You can go get it, honey. You don't need me to walk you there." Amelia then gets the biggest grin on her face, walks across the room, picks up the remote, and walks it back to me. "Caught up," indeed.

Bring on the potty!

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