Monday, August 17, 2009

Young Folks

Day 1 of Preschool went off without a hitch. Unless you count Amelia declaring herself sleepy before we managed to leave the house this morning a hitch.

We get to school, and Ainsley finds the hook labeled with her name. Because she can read her own name.

She greats Ms. Colson, and runs off into her class, leave Mommy, Daddy, and Amelia standing by the door.

Mommy: OK, Ainsley, its time for us to go. Are you alright?

Ainsley: Ok. Bye Mommy! (waves manically)

M: Can I get a kiss goodbye?

A: Oh. Sure. Bye Mommy!

She drew a picture, read stories, argued with some other kid over a plastic toy chocolate cake, and was sitting in Ms. Colson's lap on the front steps of the school at car pool time. I'd say that today was a success.

One day of school down, 18 more years to go!

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