Monday, March 13, 2006

Week 34

Dear Little Girl,

As the time of your arrival draws near, you are making it very clear that you have an intense stubborn streak. We visited the doctor last week, and while you (and I) are still the picture of health, you are simply refusing to settle down and lay the right way.

It seems as though you prefer any position, except the one you're supposed to be in at this point. You are large enough now, that I can feel the location of your head from the outside. I don't think you like that very much - you kick particularly hard in the other direction when I do touch your head.

Today at lunch, for example, your head was up at my rib cage. I can't imagine that that is a very comfortable spot for you - it certainly isn't for me.

The kicking and turning over is getting to be a bit ridiculous. The stronger you get in there, the worse it is for me on the outside. In fact, last night while I was sleeping (on my left side, with my belly down against the bed), Daddy was able to feel you kicking at the mattress WAY on the other side of the bed. Daddy seemed surprised that I was able to sleep through all that, but I think I am just used to all the jostling.

Your positioning and kicking have given me the idea that you dislike the idea of a "natural" birth. No one is going to squeeze YOU through that narrow birth canal! You are going to KICK yourself free any day now, nature be damned.

The good news with this, is that I can tell how strong and healthy you have grown.

We go back into the doctor on the 30th for an ultrasound. That will be week 37, and if you haven't turned the right way by then, we will be seriously talking about scheduling a c-section.

I don't have my heart set on a "natural" birth. Whatever is best for you and me - that's what I want. However, from what the nurse told us during our tour at the hospital, we would get to see you and hold you and be with you much longer, and much more quickly after birth if you decide to work your way out "naturally."

We started the genetic blaming this weekend at home. Your intense acrobatics and stubborn refusal to drop into the right position are certainly all your father's fault. Grandma Hanes described Daddy as a very active baby - who also happened to be breech. You tend to be more sideways than breech, but I am certain that's a trait you get from him.

Regardless of how you get out of there, I am really looking forward to meeting you. I have loved carrying you, gestating you, and hauling your butt around for these past months - but I think its time you get out into the real world. There are so many things to show you, and to teach you. Besides, its almost time for baseball season - and you really can't enjoy it nearly as much from where you are now. . .


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