Monday, May 5, 2008

Rebel Yell

When Ainsley was very little, she didn't really cry. Perhaps it was just her personality, or perhaps as new parents we simply attended to her the minute she started. She made a plaintive, "Neh! Neh! Neh," whenever she wanted something.

Amelia, on the other hand, has quite the set of lungs. From the very start, that girl can cry with the best of them. Again, either personality or simply the need to compete to be heard with a toddler.

As much as the girls look alike, they are already showing differences in personality. Where Ainsley was a mover and shaker from the womb, Amelia is more the quiet observer. No less interested or focused than Ainsley was, she seems to simply like to watch. Interesting that she is overall more quiet, even with her stronger lungs.

As I did with Ainsley, we have started to read "The Hobbit" at bedtime. And while the sound of my voice seemed to sooth Ainsley to sleep, Amelia seems to perk up when the story starts.

Amelia has started to grin more and more - even when she's not asleep. Actually, she's favored us with smiles almost from the day she was born. If you touch her cheek or belly in just the right way, she will offer up a toothless grin.

So far, Amelia has shown that she loves bath time. She has not once cried in the tub, enjoying the warm water, having her hair washed, and simply being naked. Every night after dinner Ainsley asks if we can give Amelia a bath. Of course, Ainsley's version of helping consists of her standing at the sink with me, playing with an extra wash rag in the water.

The first few weeks have been so different this time around. I feel like I have such little time to reflect on the changes that Amelia has brought to our lives - any time spent not feeding Amelia is spent offering attention to Ainsley. I am still shocked (as I was two years ago) at how the dynamic of our family was changed instantly when she was born. Even Ainsley gained a new title - Sister added to daughter, granddaughter, and niece.

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