Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All the Things She Said

Toddlers all reach a point when they simply repeat everything you say. There's no better example than Pearl the Landlord.

Most toddlers will forget all those things they repeat. My toddler? Not so much. Not only has she shown an aptitude for mimicry, she has illustrated time and time again the ability to remember phrases from months ago and then to use those phrases appropriately. The girl, she has mad verbal skills.

This brings us to last night. Ainsley was in a particularly monkey-say mood, and we had already witnessed a "Dammit!" or two she repeated from the television. And, for the record, we were watching a primetime sit-com. Conscientious parents that we are, we ignored the outbursts hoping she would forget it. And then the real fun began.

We are in the midst of potty training. To encourage use of the potty, when she asks we'll leave her bottomless. This makes it easy for her to sit on the potty herself, and honestly, she seems to enjoy the nudity.

Dinner last night included rice (mmmm - Uncle Ben's Wild). Ainsley always makes an absolute mess trying to shovel as much rice as possible into her mouth. And while her spoon skills have become quite good, she prefers to use her hands with foods she particularly likes. Rice gets everywhere.

As Jason was wiping her hands and face after dinner, he stood her up to wipe the rice off the rest of her. Mostly under his breath he muttered, "You've got rice on your poon."

We have always referred to the girl parts as "bottom" in the past. Jason simply slipped up. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong night to do so.

We then had to hold it together as much as possible as our darling two-year-old ran through the room singing, "Got rice on my poon. Got rice on my poon."

Needless to say, the minute she was out of earshot, we were both in tears from laughing so hard.

But don't worry - this will SO come back to bite us in the ass. No doubt the next time we have a meal out that involves rice, the restaurant will be treated to a rousing chorus of "Got rice on my poon."

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