Monday, May 12, 2008

These Are Days

This past Mother's Day weekend was thoroughly unproductive - but oh, the fun we had.

We started the weekend with Kindermusik Graduation. Its the end of the "semester" for Kindermusik, and there was a small party on Saturday morning. Ainsley's dexterity has really come a long way this time - she is able to do so much that she couldn't at the start of this session. She still spends most of her time running/jumping/galloping around the room, but now she does whatever movement everyone else is doing (tapping the sticks, shaking the bells, etc.). Miss Cindy pulled out a bubble-machine at the end of class, and THAT was a lot of fun.

Toddlers are supposed to have such short attention spans. Ainsley? Not so much. As soon as the "good bye" song starts, she starts to cry - SO disappointed that class is over already. Luckily, Jason's new Mom's Group will have plenty of activities to fill the week until the next session starts.

Saturday was hot - into the 90s already, and its barely May. Although, the overcast skies and cool breeze made the afternoon bearable. Jason had a tennis tournament, and had two matches to play on Saturday. I decided to have a trial-by-fire, and take both girls out by myself. Silly, Mommy.

Getting everyone loaded up was no problem. Getting everyone unloaded was no problem. We found a nice spot under a tree, and spread out our blanket. Ainsley has been reading a lot of Winnie the Pooh lately, and was excited to go on her first picnic. I had packed snacks, and the tennis club had sandwiches available.

Amelia took to the afternoon like a champ - napping in the shade on the blanket. There was so much activity all around, however, and Ainsley was hard to keep up with. At one point, she even ran onto the tennis courts during someone's match.

We walked down to the court where Jason was playing, and still had trouble finding a spot where we could keep out of trouble. Finally left the tennis club proper, and found a spot between the courts and the parking lot. Luckily, the overcast skies made a shade tree optional. The girls were slathered in sunscreen anyway, but still.

Amelia spent the time napping, and tasting the breeze - any time the wind would pick up she's turn her face into it and stick out her tongue. Ainsley ran and ran and ran. And ran. She drank out of a grown-up water bottle, shared some crackers, and generally wore herself out.

Sunday, we got up for "special breakfast called brunch" as Ainsley explained. Had a great meal at one of our favorite brunch spots, and then went for a walk in a park. The cool front had made its way through, and it was 70 degrees and sunny all day.

Amelia is starting to talk so much now. Usually in the evenings, just before bed time. She'll smile and jabber away - trying to join into whatever conversation the rest of us are having.

So, pretty much a perfect weekend...

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